Monday, July 11, 2011

Half Marathon!!

In the spring I set a goal. I decided I was going to run a half marathon. My mom helped me find a training schedule and a half marathon to sign up for. I started training in April and I ran my half marathon on July 9th. I ran the Hobbler Half in Spring ville. It was a really nice downhill course in the canyon. I would definitely run it again and I think it's a good thing that I enjoyed my first half marathon. (I can see myself doing more) My time was 1 hour and 59 minutes. My mom ran it too but she was far ahead of me. We stayed with my Uncle Jake who lives just around the corner from the finish line. I couldn't have done it without my dad, Jake and my mom cheering me on. My new goal is to work on my speed for cross country so I can make the varsity team again this year.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Summer Activities

This summer im babysitting my brother and sister while my parents work. We have lots of fun together and I love being able to play with them more now that im not at school all the time. I also have a lifeguarding job at Crystal Hot Springs waterpark. I really love my job and I like having extra money without having to ask my parents for everything. I also am still swimming on the Box Elder Swim Team. I love it and my favorite stroke is butterfly. So far my summer is pretty low key but im enjoying it.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Swimming Quote

"It's been told that swimming is a wimp sport, but I don't see it. We don't get time outs in the middle of a race, in the middle of a race we can't stop and catch our breath, we can't roll on our stomachs and lie there, and we can't ask for a substitution." ~Dusty Hicks

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming!!

Well thats about all I do is swim. My schedule goes somewhat like this. Swim, eat, school,eat, eat again, swim, eat, homework, eat, maybe have time to sleep and then start over again! I swim for at least three hours a day five days a week and our coaches say we need to eat at least six times a day.
I really love swimming and I'm glad I'm on the team. We are still at the beginning of the season since it doesn't end until the middle of February. We have won 4 of our meets and lost 1. The other one was an invitational andI'im not sure how that goes into our rankings because we didn't win or lose. Im just not really counting it.
I am learning a lot and I am setting some new goals hoping to get faster and faster at each meet!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

My Favorite Quote/ Running Motivator

" Running is a thinking sport and we're all insane. We run faster than your mascara, our workouts are alot longer than our shorts. The gun goes off and I am the bullet. "
At everyone one of our cross country meets the team captains give us a quote to help motivate us and this is my favorite one so far.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Box Elder vs. Bonneville and Mountain Crest Cross Country

The picture above is of me finishing the race with a time of 24:47.
The picture below is of me running my second lap of the race.

The picture below is of me running with my team on the first lap of the race.
This next picture is of everyone running at the start of the race.
This last picture is of all the teams having their team huddles before the race. The teams from left to right are Mountain Crest, Bonneville and then Box Elder.

Over all the race went pretty well. The course was a figure eight around Fort Beunaventura. It was Bonnevilles home course. I felt really good about this race and did pretty well also. I came in before all of the JV girls on my team and before half of the Varsity girls as well.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

First Cross Country Meet!

Well my first cross country meet was last Friday in Malad. It was an invitational so there were lots and lots of schools there. I was a little nervous for my first race on the high school team but twenty six minutes and eighteen seconds later I was crossing that finish line and I was glad I had ran it. It wasn't the best 5k race I have ever ran but it was my first cross country race and I finally understand why its called cross country. Your not just running down the side of the road. We ran through and dead chopped down corn field, through a parking lot, across the lawn, on a trail that had gopher holes down the middle of the trail, and along the side of the road. I learned that in cross country you pretty much just run no matter what the trail is like.